Why should you try massage during pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a special stage in every woman’s life, and while some experience 9 hassle free months, others strive to overcome various difficulties. The body will undoubtedly suffer multiple changes, not only physically but also psychically and spiritually, and all these will cause discomfort and stress to the mother. Women are trying to find relaxation and relief methods for ages, and it seems that massage is one of the methods through which pregnancy can be easier and healthier. This is a special type of massage, different from the traditional one, which can diminish discomfort considerably and generate a wellbeing state.

Understanding pregnancy massage

Many people consider it is the same with regular massage, but it actually requires more attention and knowledge.  Even if it can consist in normal Swedish massage and light manipulation (such as traditional massage), these must be performed taking into consideration not only the mother’s body but also the foetus’. Most of the times, women who have a good health state can benefit from it, but in case you are experiencing a high risk pregnancy, the opinion of an obstetrician is mandatory. This medical practice can be used during the whole period of pregnancy, but it is extremely important to consult a specialist before starting the sessions and use the services of a professional pregnancy massage Melbourne clinic. The sessions can include additional practices, such as circulatory work, reflexology or cranial therapy. All these have the purpose of reducing stress and making the mother feel less discomfort, while also helping the foetus grow healthy.


The importance of a well-trained therapist

Since the therapy is applied both on the mother and the child, the procedure is more complicated and requires a wider background of knowledge. The therapists have to be certified in pregnancy massage, in order to understand the anatomy of a pregnant woman and deliver safe services for their two patients. Each stage of the pregnancy involves some special moves and positions, which change once the pregnancy evolves. The blood flow changes, the pressure on the bones and spine increases due to the weight of the baby and certain areas become very sensitive and should be avoided.


Benefits of pregnancy massage

In order to obtain the best results, it is recommended not to eat or drink a lot before the massage session. There are many benefits the mother can get after this practice, because massage can relieve swelling of extremities, diminish (back, legs or neck) pain and spinal pressure and keeps the muscles flexible and functional. In addition to this, it can eliminate stress and cause relaxation, which will lead to better sleep and reduce fatigue.