Toxic substances and infertility

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Many couples are confronting today with infertility which gives them no chance to have a baby. The causes can be sought either in the impossibility to conceive in man or in woman and in some rare cases in both ones. In fact, for putting a diagnosis on the infertility disorder each member of the couple needs to address to a professional doctor that can point out who has the infertility problem, where this problem is located and what can be done in order to restore the function of the male of female reproductive system. Unfortunately, for many men once getting to infertility not too much can be done in improving their disorder as the male infertility is resistant to medication and for this reason it has been compared to the female menopause. But, there are cases when infertility can be associated to the use of a certain medicine and the remedy could be given by stopping using that medicine if possible. Among the innumerable causes that cause infertility both in men and women we can mention some wrong diets, intense training, alcohol abuse and severe health conditions. You should know we can add even the connection between the toxic substances and infertility on our list of reported causes of reproductive system malfunctioning.

And there is no wonder more and more people have to deal with infertility these days, as we use to consume different foods or to use various products for beauty including face creams, makeup, different dyes and other related products that contain synthetic chemicals that are very toxic for out health. If you don’t know how these products can affect your reproductive system, you should know they are being absorbed through your skin pores into your body and once getting inside they start making some changes into your hormones which control your ovary or testicle function. And, since toxic substances and infertility are directly linked in many cases the remedy for infertility could mean choosing a more natural food to eat and cutting from the list the daily products we are using and that are containing different fragrances and preservatives that are toxic to our bodies. If your doctor warns you that you are dealing with such a problem in your fertility, you should count making some changes into your life. And not to worry as this cause in your infertility issue is among the less severe conditions that can happen to a woman or man that want to conceive. The chain between the toxic substances and infertility can be easily broken compared to other severe health conditions including cancers and tumors. And since pollution is something we can not control why not doing some changes where we can and improve this way our health that includes the reproductive system function.