Things to consider before going into labor

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Even though women have nine months – more or less – to prepare for the baby’s arrival, there are still some last-minute tasks that need to be accomplished before going into labor. When your first contraction kicks in, the last thing you can think about is packing your hospital bag or installing the car seat, so these are the kind of things that can be done on the home stretch. Also, taking a birthing class or preparing the nursery can make you feel like you are in control, so you should prepare yourself by reading multiple articles. Also, discuss with your doctor before labor begins. This way, you will have everything in order and you will feel calmer – as much as possible – when the time of labor comes.

Talk to your doctor about your delivery options

The multiple appointments that you will have with your doctor will for sure be overwhelming but the best thing you can do is to take advantage of those appointments and ask everything that comes to your mind. Talk about your delivery options because it is important to choose the best place for you. If you have a certain hospital on your mind, discuss to your doctor and find the best solution for your delivery. Also, there are a lot of special birthing centers that you need to take into consideration, so choose the place that gives you a feeling of safety. Talk to your doctor about medication, induction options and interventions and also, think about cord blood banking. The umbilical cord is enriched with stem cells, which can be useful in case of a cord blood donation. By preserving your newborn’s stem cells through cord blood banking, you will have an alternative to standard treatments such as Leukemia, Alzheimer’s disease, Lupus, and other diseases.


Pack your hospital bag

Your hospital bag is one of the most important things to have in handy when you head to the hospital, so pack all your essentials before time. Moreover, in order to be sure that you pack everything you need, write down a packing list and check it multiple times. Pack your hospital bag with items such as clothes, both for you and your newborn, a few toiletries, warm socks, your cell phone and its charger, and the list can go on. Pack as many things as you want because it is better to be safe than sorry.


Wash all baby-related items and install the car seat

Another good idea is to wash all baby-related items. This means that things such as crib sheets, swaddles, blankets, baby clothes or baby socks need to be all clean before returning home with your new family member. Moreover, babies are messy, so it is best to have some outfits that can come in handy at the right time.


Take a birthing class

Practicing breathing and relaxation techniques with a professional is usually the best decision before going into labor. You can also ask more personal questions and talk about the right way to feed your baby. Of course, nobody is Mr. or Mrs. know it all, so it is better to clear up your mind.