Spermatozoid-Oocyte Recognition Mechanisms

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Every couple needs to have a child and there is no secret that today there are two ways to have kids as the innovative medicine has come with its own way that helps couples that are unable to conceive by themselves have a baby using the in vitro fertilization method. If you are among such couples you need to know that this medical procedure is safe and is the only method used in laboratory that can give you higher chances of having a pregnancy comparing it to other methods. But if you are able to conceive by yourself and you don’t need your baby to be conceived in the laboratory prior to undergoing the pregnancy, then you should find out more about the spermatozoid-oocyte recognition mechanisms that make the fertilization of female eggs real.

For instance you should know that the spermatozoid represents a mature sperm cell, while the oocyte is the female egg that is mature and prepared to undergo fertilization. In order for the fertilization to take place the spermatozoid needs to penetrate the female egg and fusion. There are many medical researches that have been done in order to notice the way this process takes place and the mechanisms that make the oocyte and spermatozoid to recognize and attract each other. There have been found some characteristics of the male sperm cells and of the female eggs that contribute to their ability to detect each other in order to interact.

It is a proven fact that the acrosome reaction has to deal with making much easier the spermatozoid penetration into the egg. If you wonder which this reaction is, you should know that because of this process the membrane what encloses the acrosome is made shed. In this reaction the content inside it is also released from the acrosome in order to allow a much easier penetration of the spermatozoid. But, even if it is a well know fact that the acrosome reaction is the one that makes the egg-spermatozoid fusion possible the mechanism of fusion is still unclear today. What you need to now further on is that among the spermatozoid-oocyte recognition mechanisms, we can mention a certain affinity of the spermatozoid in recognizing the oocyte. Many researches have reported that it is a sperm protein that is responsible for the spermatozoid-oocyte recognition in the mouse. Moreover, there are some soluble molecules that are being released by the oocyte in order to be detected by the spermatozoid and come its way. We can say that the spermatozoid-oocyte recognition mechanisms refer to a whole chemo-attraction process between the sperm cells and the eggs that is meant to make easy their interaction and fusion.