Risks of IVF

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Today, the medicine has come with some revolutionary innovations in fertilization that help parents not being able to get pregnant to have more successful chances in giving birth to one or more babies. The great thing is that with the in vitro fertilization that is a safe medical procedure all single women or women that want to pursue a career and find no time for a relationship can turn into moms and have at least one child. The in vitro fertilization which is also commonly referred to as IVF has several benefits through its stages that women have to follow in order to find more about the chances they get in conceiving. But, there are also some risks of IVF that every woman should know about before starting this medical procedure.


If you want to get to a clinic that provides women this service in order to get pregnant you should also ask your doctor more about the risks of this method and only after decide whether you are for it or not. But if you are dying to have kids you should opt for the in vitro fertilization as it is the only one that has been reported to have good results in ensuring women the babies they dreamed of.

The first thing you need to know about in the risks of IVF is that unfortunately there are some risks that are associated with every stage of this procedure. In the first stage of this process a special medication might be required in order to improve your fertility which may lead to hyper-stimulation. Usually this condition shows in painful ovaries and abdominal pain that will signalize you that something is wrong with you. When the fertilized egg will be transferred to your uterus you will need to be sedated and there are some risks associated to anesthesia that refer to some bleeding of the bladder or bowel. There are even some emotional problems that women have to face with in an unsuccessful in vitro fertilization process. Many women come to be quite depressed and anxious after such experiences.

And not to mention that in some cases women come to give birth to two or three babies at once. Maybe this doesn’t sound pretty bad for a woman that can not get pregnant, but the fact is that the multiple pregnancy can cause some serious health problems both to the mom and the babies.

Among other risks of IVF we can also mention the ectopic pregnancy which means that the embryo will develop in the fallopian tubes which will cause the mom an interior abdominal bleeding. But you should know this situation is reported to happen only in very small chances to women that undergo the in vitro fertilization procedure.