Prevention and Causes of Amenorrhea

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Today, women seem to be concerned more than ever about their fertility as this could mean having kids or not. But since many women want to pursue a career or they have different health disorders that take away their chances to get pregnant the most effective solution for them is to get help in specialized clinics that offer them the in vitro fertilization procedure that successfully combines their eggs with sperm in order to get the fertilized eggs they need in their uterus in order to give birth to a child when the time comes. A more commonly problem that affects women these days is amenorrhea which can be also termed as the absence of the menstruation for a period of time between two months to a year. You should know that amenorrhea means also problems with your fertility which can lower your chances to get pregnant. If you want to find out more about the prevention and causes of amenorrhea you should stick around for a few minutes and read the following lines that are meant to help you understand which your problem is and if it is amenorrhea how to deal with it.


The first thing you need to know about refers to the causes of amenorrhea. You should know there are many causes that can lead to this reproductive system disorder. For instance if you are among the women that gain or lose weight for too often as a consequence of a metabolism disorder or simply because you want to get thin you should know you will also have to deal with the delay of your menstruation. The birth control methods that involve pills that eliminate the chances to get pregnant can also bring you amenorrhea once you stopped using them in order to conceive. Other causes can refer to practicing some intense exercises and to a sports training that can lead to lack of periods for a few months. The truth is that the prevention and causes of amenorrhea have always been the focus of specialists and doctors to whom women with such disorder have addressed. You should know that the prevention of this disorder means leading a well-balance diet and having a life that should involve also relaxing your body after keeping it tensioned and stressed through the day. However if you confront yourself with such problem you should visit your doctor and have blood and ultrasound tests in order to determine which the cause is. In some cases the prevention and causes of amenorrhea can be tied to some genetic and hormonal disorders. You should count along with your medical prescriptions taking even some nutritional supplements and traditional herbs and plants which can also help you.