Preparing your child for their first dental visit

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Taking your child to the dentist from an early age is very important, because this is how they get used to regular visits and grow to have a healthy teeth as adults. Many parents tend to pass their fear of going to the dentist to their children as well, when in fact they should make the effort to prepare them for a visit to the dentist and make sure they are comfortable. To this extent, this is how you can prepare your child for a children’s dentistry Mornington Peninsula visit:

Use dramatic play

The best way to prepare your child for a visit to the dentist is to introduce it in their regular playing routine. You can take turns and be the patient and allow him to “consult” you and after that they can be the patient. You can also introduce their stuffed animals or action figures saying that even heroes need to visit the dentist once in a while to make sure they will not suffer from a tooth ache the next time they battle the bad guys. In addition, don’t forget to introduce toothbrushes and dental floss in your playing routine, because your child might be more willing to accept them if the dentist suggests to use them more frequently.


Lead by example

Children are more influenced by their parents than you might realise, so make sure your child sees you brushing your teeth every morning and evening. You could even make it your own little tradition at first and brush your teeth together. This way it will be something fun and not necessarily something your child refuses to do. The same goes when it comes to visiting the dentist: the next time you have to leave the house to go shopping, you should tell your child that you are going to the dentist. This way he will see it as something normal and even ask to go with you in the future.


Talk about teeth and the visit to the dentist

Tell your child as much as you know about teeth and why is it so important to take care of them. Point out that healthy teeth make for a beautiful smile and you can even practice together your smile in the mirror. Again, this is a fun way of introducing this subject to your child and make them aware of their teeth. In addition, you should encourage your child to ask any question they might have about visiting the dentist and thus clear any fears they might be dealing with. you could even explain some of the words that they might hear during the consult, just so that they are not scared once they get there.


When you take your time to prepare your child about a visit to the dentist and offer them proper oral education, there are ways to make sure they will be comfortable and not cause any problems. This way they can get used to visiting a dentist regularly and have a healthy teeth as an adult.