Physiotherapy helps women deal with infertility

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Many women face with a heartbreaking condition nowadays, called infertility. Some of them do not discover it until they do not want to have a baby, and there are many causes and so few solutions. This issue affects them both emotionally and physically, and they have to spend often a huge amount of money on fertility treatments. They should know that many recent studies show that physiotherapy Ottawa can help them treat their infertility and it is an easy and less invasive practice.

How it works?

Women face three main causes of infertility, they have hormonal imbalance, adhesions or pain during sex. Physiotherapy helps them decrease internal scars or adhesions that occur when their body is healing from a surgery, inflammation, infection or endometriosis. Adhesions block the fallopian tubes, and cover the ovaries. In this situation, eggs cannot escape. These adhesions are removed through therapy, because it increases mobility and blood flow. This therapy repositions organs and breaks up scar tissue. Because the blood flow is increased, the reproductive system will get healthier. Physical therapy prepares women’s organs and pelvis for functioning optimally. This therapy also helps women by addressing their emotional roadblocks, and increases the fertility rate, because stress can double the risk of infertility. Research states that this therapy increased the percentage of fertility with more than 50% and not only, that women successfully delivered their children, but they were also able to get pregnant a second time. This suggests that the treatment has lasting effects, and it is able to help women that face a wide range of adhesion- related infertility.

Other benefits of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy not only that helps women in facing infertility problems, but also eliminate or reduces pain. It restores the joint and muscle function, and relieves pain. Because it helps at relieving pain from an injury, it also reduces the chances of having a surgery. If the surgery is needed, it can be used in the pre-surgery period, to help the patient recover faster. Other benefit is that it improves people’s mobility. It uses strengthening and stretching exercises that help people to deal with trouble while moving, walking or standing. Before starting the therapy exercises, the therapists screen their patients to see if they are at risk for falls. In this situation, they will provide them exercises that will help them achieve an improved coordination.