Medication that cause infertility

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Not having kids could mean the end of the world for some couples that find their attempts in conceiving useless. If you are confronting with this problem you should know the list of causes that lead to infertility is quite huge and not to mention new other cases of fertility lack are bringing more and more causes to complete this list. If you wonder about the most commonly reported factors that affect you fertility you should know they can range from the lack of a well balance diet and abuse of alcohol and cigarettes to some general health disorders and genetic problems. Among these factors we should also mention the medication that cause infertility.


As we know, today the industry of drugs and medications has developed pretty much and it offers to its customers about anything and everything in matter of medication no matter the medical causes that can be more are less serious. And people use to take medications these days for causes that range from simple headaches to more serious conditions involving the treating of cancers and tumors. But, a thing that not too many are aware of is that, in many cases, these medications come to affect people fertility.

You should know the reproductive process is a very complex process and if something wrong is happening to one of its reproductive stages it becomes obvious your attempts in conceiving will lack results. There are specific steps in the male spermatogenesis and in the female oocyte production that if not completed properly will lead to a dysfunctional reproductive process. And in many cases the problems the patients are accusing must be sought in the medication that cause infertility.

You should know that many causes of male fertility lack can be put on some medication they take for different health problems. For instance problems with the delivery of sperm and even impotency can be put on some medications including antibiotics, tranquilizers, morphine and corticosteroids. As well in more serious health conditions involving chemotherapy and radiation treatments for tumors and cancers the male fertility can be affected and can lead even to impotency and infertility. In the case of women, since they also have to deal with all sorts of medical disorders like uterus fibroids and ovarian cysts they also need to take antibiotics and other related drugs that can also be referred to as medication that cause infertility. Taking antidepressant could also damage the quality of the sperm and of the ovarian function if taken on a long term.