Male Infertility

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There is no secret that conceiving a child means for both parents having healthy reproductive systems that are not affected by infertility. Along with the numerous health problems that women can come across in their lives when wanting to conceive, men are also predisposed to encounter many difficulties in conceiving a child with a fertile woman. If you are among the couples that want to have a child and find a difficult time in conceiving you should find out more about the male infertility issues that can be real obstacles in having a baby.


Of course the first thing you and your partner need to do is to take blood and other associated tests in order to determine who has the infertility problem and if the results point out that your wife has no problem in conceiving then you are surely the cause for her not being able to get pregnant. You should know by now that there are infertility problems that happen even to men and there are a few facts you need to consider about your lifestyle and medical history in order to find out which your problem is and to improve your condition with medications if needed or a lifestyle change.

The first thing you need to know about the male infertility is that it can be compared to the female menopause and this means that not too much can be done in order to make the sperm fertile again. The best way is to prevent such thing from happening as this male condition can be resistant to medication as well.

In order to preserve your fertility you should find out the factors that lead to this severe disorder. And in this way you should know that smoking a lot, drinking coffee and alcohol and even practicing intense physical training can affect in time your sperm cells or lower the quality of your sperm. Some other factors involving excessive stress and emotional problems can also affect your fertility. If none of these causes are on your list and you have even a healthy diet then the cause must be sought in some hormonal problems or overall health disorders that can affect your sperm quality as well. The endocrine system may be the cause of your problem as it influences the hormonal activity in your fertility. You should know that in some cases when the male infertility is associated with visual problems and headaches it can point out even a pituitary tumor. The most important thing you need to know is that regardless this male disorder, you can still have kids if you decide along with your woman to follow an in vitro fertilization procedure that has good results in helping women get pregnant.