Is calcium important when you are being pregnant?

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As a future mother you know already how important is calcium for your body, because it is essential in the built and growth of bones and teeth. But, you might have no idea that also calcium has a huge role in helping the blood from your body clot normally, and your heart beat normally. Calcium is also important for your nerves and muscles, because it helps them function properly. Therefore, now that you are pregnant, you should consider more than to take supplements, because you would have to provide the little one, who is growing inside, a considerable amount of calcium. This means that it is the time for you to read some AlgaeCal reviews, because it is considered as one of the most reliable products from the market.

Do I need to take more calcium if I am pregnant?

Your doctor would inform you that you need a large quantity of calcium in this period, because you have to provide your little one the calcium he or she needs to develop. In case you do not take the needed amount from the aliments you are eating every day, or from supplements, your body would take it from your bones and this might increase the risk of developing osteoporosis. If you would suffer from osteoporosis when you are pregnant, you put in risk both the health of you and your baby, because your bones can easily broke, and you might fall and harm yourself.

How can I get calcium if I am lactose intolerant?

You should know that you are not the only pregnant woman who is dealing with this issue, so you should ask the advice of your doctor what supplements you should take in this case. In addition, there are other aliments, which can provide you the amount of minerals you need, without containing milk. You can add in your diet sardines, salmon, kales and white bread. They contain different amounts of calcium, and if you consider that it is not enough you can consider including in your daily diet calcium supplements.

Is recommended to take calcium supplements if I am pregnant?

In case you are dealing with lactose intolerance, you would have to consult your doctor and ask them what aliments you should include in your diet to take the needed amount of minerals. Also, you might be intolerant only to raw milk, and you might be able to eat cheese, tofu, frozen yoghurt and other foods made with milk. A healthy diet could be complemented with calcium supplements, so you have to talk with your doctor to prescribe you some. Also, there are on the market some brands which provide calcium supplements which have plant ingredients in this way you can be sure that you are taking supplements that would help both you and your baby, and you would not experience any of the issues listed above. Calcium is one of the essential vitamins your body needs in high quantities when you are pregnant, so make sure to provide it the required amount.