Infertility Causes Risk Factors

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Many women are concerned today about their fertility as this means having kids and a big family and since for many this fact has turned to be a dream, the medical solutions are the only ones that can help women with fertility problems to get pregnant. The most effective medical solution seems to be the in vitro fertilization that uses a laboratory method of combining female eggs with sperm in order to get some successfully combined embryos to transfer to the woman’s uterus. But, if you need to know which are the infertility causes risk factors you should know you should give more importance to your living style and to recover from chronic illnesses if there are any in order to take measures of healing your infertility, too.


If we should make a list of the most commonly reported infertility causes risk factors we will have too mention only the ones that have a higher rate in causing the lack of eggs in the reproductive system of women.

So, we can not start without mentioning the age of women. You should know that the younger you are the more chances you have to get pregnant if this is what you want. Also, another factor that can lead to infertility in women is a wrong life style which is usually based on a wrong diet, coffee and alcohol. If you use to smoke a lot you should know that no matter the age you are, this will seriously affect your fertility. We should mention among the risk factors also the medication many women use to take for different health conditions which can range from unimportant ones to more serious issues. And nevertheless the health problems can also affect your fertility as they always affect your hormone well functioning into your body. The first sign that should warn you that something is wrong about your reproductive system is your menstruation and more precisely the irregular menstruation or the lack of it.

In our list of infertility causes risk factors we should also mention the most rated causes that always lead to infertility. You should know that your lack of eggs can be due to some physical problems associated to your reproductive system. In order to see if there are fibroids into your uterus or other associated problems to your uterus or ovaries you should make some ultrasound tests that will precisely point the problem that may be with your reproductive system. And another thing you should know about the causes of infertility is that taking pills for birth control can also affect in time your body egg production.