Infertile Man Clinical Evaluation

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Today, infertility is affecting more and more young couples that should have no problem in conceiving. If you are married and you are willing to have a child but the results seem to be far from reach for you, then you should take your partner and visit a clinic where you can make an appointment with a professional doctor that can help you understand the causes you might be facing in your infertility. You both should make some blood, urine and other male and female related tests that should point out in first line the one who has the infertility disorder. If the tests point out that your wife has no problem in conceiving then the cause must be sought in you. You should know that there are plenty of good clinics that specialize in infertile man clinical evaluation and you need to pick among them the best one that should ensure you quality services and professionals.


The first thing you need to hear about is that the clinical evaluation for the men with infertility problems represents a complex process that targets all the known factors that can lead to this severe condition. You should know that there are some unknown factors leading to male infertility that the specialists are still studying these days. In order to put a diagnosis on your infertility the doctor will tell you more about some things you will need to provide him and that are related to your medical history and personal habits. For instance if there were severe illnesses you had to deal with in your past you should detail them to your doctor as well as the treatments and medications you took in order to recover. In many cases the medication can also alter the function of the male reproductive system and if there were severe disorders like cancers and tumors that made you need chemotherapy and radiation treatment you should report them from the very beginning to your doctor. The infertile man clinical evaluation includes also telling your medical specialist more about your sexual performance and habits as this might also point out some problems you might not be aware of.

Along with the medical history specification, the physical examination is a must in the infertile man clinical evaluation. In this examination process you will be requested to stand up while the doctor will examine your scrotum and testicles in order to find out whether these reproductive system parts carry the infertility problem or not. Additional tests might be needed that include ultrasound testing, semen analysis and hormone level measurement.