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There is no secret that today the in vitro fertilization intervention is the most effective in lab method that can give families with no children the chance to become parents and have kids. If we should talk about the factors that can cause infertility both in men and women then you should know that the list can be endless starting with a wrong diet, smoking and alcohol abuse and ending with physical disorders associated to different tumors, cancers or hypophysis malfunction.


If you don’t know pretty much about the way the pituitary gland affects your fertility you should stick around for a couple of minutes in order to read more about its role in the reproductive system functioning.

The first thing you should hear about is that the pituitary gland is located at the base of your brain and it has a pea dimensioned aspect. But regardless its size, this gland has a major endocrine role. You should know it performs many roles in secreting the growth hormone, the thyroid stimulating hormone, the luteinizing hormone and very important the follicle stimulating hormones.

You should know that secreting the follicle stimulating hormones the hypophysis has a very important role in ensuring a female fertility. Not to mention that the ovulation process is directly tied to the activity of these hormones. The follicle stimulating hormones are necessary for the ovarian follicle maturation. The reproductive process is regulated by these hormones and in many cases associated to infertility when the cause can be found in the lack of secreting these hormones. You should know that the follicle stimulating hormones are gathering immature follicles into the ovary in order to select the most advanced ones to participate in the ovulation process. Before starting a new cycle of ovulation the follicle stimulating hormones are reported to have higher amounts. You should know that when the menopause is approaching the follicle stimulating hormones are reported to come in lower levels though.

Another important role the hypophysis has is during carrying a pregnancy and giving birth to a child. It has been reported to even control and induce the uterine contractions. Not to mention that women as well as men that have pituitary disorders will not be able to conceive. And in the case of a pregnant woman a pituitary disorder can lead to abortion. But luckily with appropriate medical testing any disorder of the pituitary gland can be determined and addressed with suitable medication. During pregnancy, the pituitary gland is the most affected as it needs to supplement its roles in managing the hormone levels that are increased in pregnant women.