How to relief pregnancy pains

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Although pregnancy is maybe the most beautiful period of a woman’s life, but this does not come without any string attached. While you may enjoy gaining a bit of weight and having he pregnant lady glow, your body will go through some transformations that may affect not only your physical, but also psychical state. You may experience several symptoms, discomfort and even pains. But these can be easily prevented and cured if you keep in mind some basic things you need to do during those months. Of course, you will not get rid of the discomfort completely, but they will help you feel better until the due day comes.

Which are the most common pains during pregnancy?

Given the fact that the body transforms from all points of view, you are likely to experience discomfort of your hands, shoulders, back, legs and even fingers. This is not a general rule, because some women do not gain pregnancy weight so they do not have to deal with these complications. Some of the most common issues are limb swelling, lower back pain and the Carpal Tunnel syndrome. These happen because during pregnancy, there is a lot of extra fluid accumulating in the body, which retains water more than usually. About 80% of pregnant women encounter this problem: their hands, feet and even face become swollen, but you should not be worried, because this is actually something normal. The back pain appears almost without exception, since the spine is subjected to more stress than normal and it has to support the weight of the belly. It will become more difficult to sleep at night, because of the discomfort, and you will also have trouble when walking or standing for longer periods. Even if the back is the most affected part of a pregnant woman’s body, your hands are not devoid of discomfort. The Carpal Tunnel syndrome is common in the last semesters, and even if it is generally due to genetics, it can appear without any notice whatsoever.


How can you prevent and relief these pains?

The best thing you could do while you are pregnant is to keep your weight under control by eating properly, hydrating a lot and exercising, as much as your body (and your doctor) allows you. You are advised to avoid carrying objects or taking painkillers in case these pains persist, unless it is completely necessary and recommended by the specialized doctor. Instead, you should try some natural remedies, such as sitting in hot tubs Uxbridge or place a heating pad on your back. The heat will help the muscles relax and become more flexible, streamline blood circulation and also eliminate stiffness and soreness. In addition to this, it has been proven that the pressure of hot water jets reduces stress, induces a relaxation state and boosts energy, in case you are having troubles falling asleep, then a long dip before you go to bed might be what you need, because it is said to eliminate symptoms form people who suffer from insomnia.