Hormonal Dosage

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These days, couples need to know a few important facts about their fertility before evaluating the chances they get in conceiving. And if you are among such couples you should know that having more natural and healthier meals, eliminating the products that contain toxic ingredients and using less tobacco as well as making regular visits to the doctor in order the evaluate your overall health should be among your priorities. The causes that can damage the function of your reproductive system are quite endless and they include even some factors that come from the inside and obstruct your attempt in getting pregnant or leaving your wife pregnant. Once getting to infertility you should know that getting back your ability to procreate could turn into a difficult thing to achieve. And in some cases that refer mostly to men getting back the fertility can be even impossible. Some things that refer to the way the ovaries and testicles are functioning as well as to the hormonal dosage are counting pretty much in ensuring your way to have a child.

If you are a woman you need to know that the estrogen and progesterone balance into your body means a lot when needing to conceive. In fact these feminine hormones are the ones that regulate the monthly ovarian function in releasing an egg to be placed in the uterus and waiting to be fertilized by a sperm cell. When the hormonal levels of progesterone and estrogen are decreasing and even lacking then we can say a woman has ended the process of ovulation as well as her fertility. The follicle stimulating hormones are also important in selecting the follicles that will participle in the ovulation process. For a mom to be the hormonal dosage testing is very important in pointing out the hormonal flow into the body and the way the levels are normal or not in ensuring an appropriate ovulation process and optimally conditioning the egg attachment into the uterus as well as providing the cervical mucous with a more accessible characteristic for the spermatozoa.

Testing your hormonal levels will let you know whether you or your partner need some extra fertility treatments, otherwise you might end up with a sick child and make a birth injury claim against doctors when in fact it was nobody’s fault, except maybe for not making sure. A birth injury claim is something horrendous to go through, because it involved a high level of emotional stress for the parents, so make sure everything is in order with your bodies and health before trying to conceive.  In most cases, these claims are filed because doctors were negligent when caring after pregnant women. Visit medicalnegligence.center if you want to learn what you can do in order to prevent medical negligence and how to deal with it, should it ever happen to you.

The levels of testosterone are also measured in the male hormonal dosage, as they are also related to male fertility. The male hormones are carrying the task of regulating the spermatozoa production and they are also responsible of determining the sexual characteristics of men. Normally the related tests made for determining the levels of hormones point out whether there is Hypogonadism disorder present that signalizes a defective functioning of the reproductive system.