Expected Duration of Amenorrhea

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If we should talk about the problems that can appear today in the reproductive system of women you should know they can be innumerable and different from case to case. But if you deal will problems in your menstruation you should know that they are almost in all cases attributed to some physical health issues or to wrong diets. You should know that the frequency of your menstruation counts pretty much in showing your fertility and for women that want to give birth to a child this factor is vital.


If you want to become a mom soon you should know that the lack of your menstruation from time to time is the first sign that your body has some malfunctioning in producing the female eggs that are needed to conceive. If you deal with a delay in your menstruation you should find out more about amenorrhea and the expected duration of amenorrhea.

The first thing you need to know about amenorrhea is that there are about two types of it and they can refer either to a primary amenorrhea or to a secondary amenorrhea.

The primary amenorrhea usually refers to a teenager life time before the age 15 or 16 when actually no period takes place. The secondary type of amenorrhea refers to adult women that due to some problems have to deal with the menstruation delay which also affects their fertility. In such cases women are not sure whether their period delay has to do with getting pregnant or with a health disorder.

And since amenorrhea represents a serious problem for many women that want to get pregnant they need to give it a more importance as otherwise they can find themselves in the situation of not being able to conceive and to seek help in clinics that specialize in the in vitro fertilization. If you wonder which the expected duration of amenorrhea must be, you should know that it can be different from case to case.

For instance, if you are among the women that struggle to look thin and attractive you should know that a diet based on skipping meals and eating foods poor in nutrients and proteins leads also to amenorrhea and depending on how long you want to follow your diet your menstruation issue can last. On the other hand a rapid weight gain can lead to delay of menstruation, too. If you are among the women that use birth control pills and you want to stop using them for getting pregnant you should know your menstruation can lack for a few months to a year. A lot of stress can also cause you amenorrhea and if you wonder about the expected duration of amenorrhea in this case, you should know it can last until your problems whatever they are get solved and you have less reason to stress yourself.