Endocrine Functional Tests

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Conceiving is the best thing that can happen to a young couple that wants a baby. But, unfortunately these days there are plenty of external and internal factors and causes that make the opportunity of having a child impossible for many. There are many illnesses our bodies have to deal with as well as toxic substances that we use without even knowing it and that lead to infertility both in men and women. Luckily, the innovations in medicine have come with great solutions even for the men that can no longer have their fertility restored. And since many cases of unknown causes have been reported both in male and female infertility the in vitro fertilization intervention is the most effective way to conceive using a laboratory procedure that successfully ensures the spermatozoid-oocyte fusion in creating fertilized eggs to be places into the female uterus.


If you need to determine the state of your reproductive system, you should know that among other tests that are currently being used in the clinical evaluation of both men and women you should consider as well the endocrine functional tests. These tests are very important in pointing out the levels of hormones that are either normal or abnormal into our bodies and that influence the reproductive system activity and fertility. Usually, the pituitary gland is the one that is known for its major role in the endocrine activity. Along with the pituitary gland the ovaries and the testicles are also part of the endocrine system and they are included in the network that regulates the reproductive system process.

The endocrine functional tests are very important for women that want to conceive as they are revealing the levels of the follicle stimulating hormones that are directly connected to the ovulation cycle. You should know that these hormones are responsible for bringing the immature follicles into the ovary and selecting the most suitable to participate in the process of ovulation. This way the reproductive process is influenced by their presence or lack of them. In some cases tests that report abnormal amounts of these hormones point out even the problem in infertile women. The pituitary activity is another thing that needs to be tested as this small organ is the one that influences the amounts of hormones and it can even produce abortion in some cases of pregnant women.

The endocrine functional tests need to check not only the female ovary activity but also the male testicle function. The testicle function is known to be in direct connection to the testosterone which is the male hormone regulating the spermatozoa production and determining the male sexual characteristics. The tests need to be accurate in showing the disorders that can affect these organs function. Here we can mention checking for Hypogonadism which means both for men and women a defective functioning of ovaries or testicles.