Androgen biosynthesis

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Today not too many couples can manage to conceive their own babies and luckily the great news is that science has prove to find an effective solution even for the ones that have to face infertility problems. And to be more specific we are referring to the in vitro fertilization as there are a few other techniques that can help women get pregnant but they have lower chances to succeed than this medical procedure. In order to perform this medical intervention in a laboratory, scientists have intensely studied all the facts that are closely tied to the stages a fecundation process should follow in order to allow the fertilization to take place. And among other important facts to be revealed in the fertility improving issues we should mention the androgen biosynthesis.


You should know that the in vitro fertilization method needs to be quite accurate and in this sense every detail is important as it will reflect in the evolution of the embryo and later on in the growing-up process of the child. You should know that when it comes to the male phenotype the most important hormones are the androgens. These hormones are vital in the sexual differentiation of men. Not to mention they play a very important role in the stages of spermatogenesis. And you should know that spermatogenesis includes three stages that represent three levels of maturity attributed to the sperm cells. Each and every of these stages are important as they ensure the complete maturity of spermatozoids and if not properly achieved it may result in male infertility.

But the androgen biosynthesis is not important only in the spermatogenesis, but also in the production of testosterones which are mainly male hormones. You should know that the testosterone producing is reported to start in the 6th pregnancy week. The pituitary gland is responsible for controlling testosterone and this hormone is the one that makes a difference in the male characteristics and reproductive system development. Furthermore, you should know that testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol into the body using the biosynthetic conversion. If this conversion doesn’t take place or it converts fewer hormones than needed then men can have a problem with their virilization. There are rare cases when the disorders of the androgen biosynthesis can lead to sexual ambiguity both in men and women. The deficient biosynthesis of these hormones can lead to pseudo-hermaphrodite men and the excessive synthesis of androgens in a female body can lead to pseudo-hermaphrodite females.